Each week we'll have a travel video from a new series called, Traveling the South, hosted by Mandy Starling!


Read up on Starling below to get you acquainted with the new host:


Mandy Starling is a petite, dark-haired southern belle whose smile sparkles in her eyes. Her love for her family is unmistakable in everything she does; from her flawless home to the scrumptious home-cooked meals she personally prepares using her grandmother’s southern recipes. She loves to shop for the latest fashions, but still finds time to stay fit with a rigorous exercise regimen. Over the past 20 years, Mandy has proven herself to be a born performer. She has distinguished herself in multiple television and film roles and taken part in modeling on the fashion runway and photography projects. This is a lady of drive and determination! This is a lady with spirit that is seldom seen and rarely accomplished! This is a Lady of the South! Look out World! This is Mandy Starling!

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