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If you want to find out how your airline handles standby options, baggage delays or diverted flights, the “Rules To Know – Airline Rules” iPhone app is a handy answer.


Authored by airline analyst Terry Trippler and developed by, the app recently became available via free download. Previously the download price tag was $4.99.


The app isn’t earth-shattering, but it is a time-saver. Many of the airline rules it covers can be found elsewhere, but they would take a lot of research to find.


For example, in writing about diverted flights policies for JetBlue, Trippler notes: “After three hours JetBlue must provide facilities for you to get off the plane. You always have the option to buy a ticket on another airline. Your bag, however, will probably stay on the JetBlue plane.”


Along the same lines, you learn that if the flight was diverted because of a mechanical failure or for some other reason under JetBlue’s control, then after six hours the airline must provide you with  “a meal voucher, pizza or hotel voucher,” if necessary.


In addition, Trippler throws in some comments and advice, although some of them amount to common sense.


About diverted flights, for example, Trippler writes: “Be prepared! If possible, travel with a cell phone and enough cash and/or available credit for food, hotel and maybe even a ticket on another airline if necessary.”


The Airline Rules app covers AirTran, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and US Airways.


And it provides information on the following categories: Cancel or No Show; Delayed/Cancelled Flights/Misconnections; Delayed Baggage; Departure Gate Check-in Time; Diverted Flights; Same Day Change, Same Day Standby; and Tarmac Delays.


If you are at the airport, facing one of these issues and stressed out, you may find the Airline Rules app to be very basic, but still a valuable tool. If you are dealing with a foreign carrier, however, take a few deep breaths because this app won’t help.

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