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12th Street Beach


Gay visitors to South Beach now have an iPhone app to fill them in on the trendiest nightspots and activities in town, all based on the recommendations from four notable personalities.
The free Out-N-About iPhone app, created by developer Daily Secret for Lords South Beach hotel and Out Magazine, features advice from Josh Woods on “the best spots for dancing, star sighting or relaxing with friends,” including restaurants, trendy bars and parties.”
Download the free app and access South Beach shopping and other retail tips from Kristian Laliberte.
Tim Goossens is the apps’ resident expert about South Beach gay-oriented culture, including art galleries, ballet, exhibitions and street performers.
And rounding out the experts is Brian Gorman, who dispenses advice on Gold Coast tourist attractions from beaches and movies to parks and must-see landmarks.
The app, says its creators, gets regularly updated with additional tips and advice on South Beach’s gay-oriented scene, and features a map and GPS capabilities, making it easy to find your way around the area.
People with flights to South Beach and locals can customize the app based on their interests and can “favorite” certain events and points of interest for easy access, the app’s developer says.
Lords South Beach loans guests iPods so they can wander around South Beach with their Out-N-About digital concierge if they don’t arrive in the city with a compatible mobile device.


Photo: ryanisland

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