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The mountain Esja seen from Lambastaðir (Reykjavik), from southwest

Esja Mountain located 6 miles outside of Reykjavik, Iceland


Located between North America and Europe, Iceland has become a popular choice for travelers looking to see more and spend less.

Since their financial meltdown in 2009, the country has been struggling to get back on its feet again.

This means your tourism dollars will go much further while their currency, the krona, is weak.

Chances are when you visit Iceland, you will stop through their capital and largest city of Reykjavik. Grab a rental car and head 6 miles outside the city to check out the breathtaking Esja Mountain.

Don’t be fooled by this country’s name, as only 10% of it is actually covered by ice. Believe it or not Iceland enjoys many warm months throughout the year.

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Image: Wikimedia

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