One of Gotland’s many cathedrals

A region and county of Sweden, Gotland offers a rich historical atmosphere equipped with beautifully green cycling paths and perfectly sparkling beaches.


The beautiful little place is the home to medieval churches, a number of prehistoric sites, burial mounds, and more.


Located between Sweden and Latvia, Gotland lies in the midst of the Baltic Sea providing those who visit Gotland the opportunity to experience the most amazing beaches and vast sea views dotted with smooth rock.


Gotland’s architecture will astound you, with its castle-like appearance. These incredible buildings are spread out amongst wide, green meadows; natural hill tops, and jagged cliffs that break above the water.


Visitors of Gotland usually travel to Visby, Gotland’s main city.


The city was named an UNESCO World Heritage site and is perhaps one of the best preserved medieval cities in Scandinavia.


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