The extremely beautiful (and blue) Maldives

The Maldives are a collection of 1,190 coral islands southwest of India. Out of that enormous group of islands, only 200 of them are inhabited, with an additional 80 used as tourist resorts.


Considered apart of Southern Asia, the Maldives provide travelers with fat wallets an escape from the world with near total seclusion in the middle of the Indian Ocean.


Locals and visitors to the Maldives enjoy a tropical year-round climate with plenty of sun and temperatures usually hovering around the low- to mid-80s.


While the Maldives is often times filled with blue skies as bright as the turquoise water people swim in through the year, rain is an issue between April and October, with the worst storms occurring between June and August.


Since the Maldives is mostly Muslim, alcohol is prohibited in most restaurants and resorts. But you can find some adult beverages if you look hard enough, but be prepared to pay a high mark up due to the lack of demand.


In any event, you will have to try really hard to not have a good time when visiting the Maldives. With miles of pristine beaches and fun activities like scuba diving excursions, this tropical destination has something for all travelers.


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    Let correct some of the information and perception give in this article about Maldives.

    1. Tourism in the Maldives is separate from local life/local islands.
    2. All tourist facilities, resorts and cruises have extensive menus of alcohole beverages and cocktails.
    3. Storms do not come to the Maldives. Rain is more frequent from April to October but overall even in this period Maldives is a sunny country.

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