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Approximately 79% of domestic trips are made for leisure purposes, but if you’re new to international travel, flying may not always feel luxurious. It’s relatively simple to find cheap flights, but you’ll want to ensure that your flight is both affordable and comfortable. That’s what the third part of this blog series is all about.

If you haven’t yet checked out our posts on booking cheap international flights or packing and preparing for travel, click back through our blog to read those first. But if you’re ready to learn more about ways to ensure you stay healthy and comfy during your flight, read on.

Traveling Cheap? International Flights Can Still Be Enjoyable

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Buy your Wi-Fi before you board: Most international flights are going to be on the lengthy side. In the digital age, it’s not easy to live without your tech for that long. While some airlines offer Wi-Fi for free, many will provide these services only for a fee. However, if you wait until you’re already on the plane to purchase a Wi-Fi package, you’ll likely end up paying a bit more for it. When possible, purchase your internet access prior to boarding. That way, you’ll have time to choose the package that makes the most sense (and cents) for you.

Focus on your baggage: We talked at-length about packing in our last post, but we’ll discuss a few best luggage practices in this one as well. When taking advantage of cheap international flights, there’s some debate about whether or not you should check a bag. In many cases, you have no other option. The good part about this is that you can bring along your liquids and gels and won’t have to struggle to find overhead bin space. If you do plan to save a bit by carrying on your baggage, make sure you know the weight and size limits your airline has set. Ideally, you should use a distinctive, colorful suitcase rather than a discreet black one. This will make your luggage easy to spot when you arrive. Make sure to keep your luggage in your possession at all times at the airport and during your travels.

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Hydrate and boost your immunity: The last thing you need is to fall ill during your trip. Unfortunately, planes are notorious for germs. The combination of dry air, lack of sleep, and passenger sickness can be a recipe for disaster if you aren’t prepared. It pays to boost your immune system ahead of time. Get ample sleep prior to your trip and strengthen your immune system with echinacea, vitamin C, zinc, or other remedies. Make sure to buy plenty of water once you get through security and hydrate throughout your flight. As a general rule, limit caffeine and alcohol consumption, as this will make dehydration (and therefore, exhaustion) worse. You can also bring along a hydrating face spray or essential oils to make sure you feel fresh and calm throughout your flight.

Dress comfortably: Those who book cheap international flights to stylish and exotic locales might feel pressured to dress to the nines even when they board their plane. But you’ll probably fare better if you opt for comfort over luxury. If you insist on looking your best, you can always pack some comfy clothes (like your favorite sweats or hoodie) in your carry-on and change into them during the flight and out of them before landing. That way, you’ll be comfy as can be for the hours you’re in the air but can still look put-together once you land. It’s usually a good idea to bring an extra layer or blanket too, as this can add to your comfort and allow you to feel more relaxed.

Now that you’ve found an inexpensive flight, packed your bags, and boarded your plane, you’ll probably need some tips to follow for when you arrive at your destination. Our final post in this series will cover some of our favorite sightseeing and safety tips, so stay tuned. Then, you’ll be ready to start your adventure by booking cheap international flights with CheapOAir.

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