Thick or
thin? The pizza debate rages on (Image: Wikimedia)
When it comes to pizza, which US city does it best?

There are some debates that can divide just about any crowd: Mac vs. PC, Star Trek vs. Star Wars, Coke vs. Pepsi; the list goes on. However, there is one debate that seemingly trumps them all: when it comes to pizza, does thick or thin crust reign supreme?


In releasing a list of the Best US Cities for Pizza, Travel and Leisure took the bold step in announcing a winner in this long-standing debate. 


In a grueling battle, Chicago and its famous deep-dish style pizza eked out a win over New York City for the number one spot.


However, some surprise cities in the top 10 make it clear that this is more than a two-city race.


Check out the top 10:

1.    Chicago, Illinois
2.    New York City, New York
3.    Providence, Rhode Island
4.    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
5.    Savannah, Georgia
6.    Portland, Oregon
7.    Salt Lake City, Utah
8.    Boston, Massachusetts
9.    San Francisco, California
10.  Denver, Colorado    


For the full list and a more detailed look at the decisions, head over to Travel and Leisure.

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