Creole cuisine in NOLA helped boost it to number one 


This past week Travel and Leisure named the best cities in the United States for foodies. The trusted publication polled its readers on which major cities in the US provide the best mix of big-name eateries, neighborhood cafés, ethnic cuisine, and farmers’ markets.


So pack your bags, foodies and start searching for cheap flights to New Orleans. The Crescent City was named number one in the poll for its outstanding array of neighborhood cafes and wide selection of ethnic food.


Finishing second was San Francisco which was highlighted for its ethnic fare and farmers’ markets. Providence, Rhode Island , a surprising pick at number three was noted its local cafes and fresh farm-to-table (and boat-to-table) approach to dining.


We didn’t expect the Big Apple to fall far down the list and it didn’t, settling in at number four. New York City was lauded for providing authentic ethnic cuisine at nearly every price point.


Noted for pizza, hot dogs, and burgers, Chicago finished at number five and also gained attention for its collection big name restaurants.


The top 10 Cities for foodie were as follows:

1.    New Orleans, LA
2.    San Francisco, CA
3.    Providence, RI
4.    New York City, NY
5.    Chicago, IL
6.    Portland, OR
7.    Seattle, WA
8.    Savannah, GA
9.    Charleston, SC
10.  San Antonio, TX

For the full rankings and more in-depth analysis, head over to Travel Leisure’s website.

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