Which cities beat out New York City for people watching? 


One of the best parts about traveling is just sitting back and watching the destination come alive. We all people watch from time to time, trying to make sense of an outrageous outfit or attempting to decipher what that quarreling couple is fighting about.


But where is the absolute best place to people watch? Travel and Leisure set out to answer that question by compiling a list of America’s Best Cities for People Watching.


Although it may be hard to top New York City in the gawk-worthy category, warm-weather cities like Savannah, GA (#2) and Honolulu, HI (#3) beat out the Big Apple (#4) due to the simple fact that their climates are more conducive to outdoor activity.


The number one spot belonged to New Orleans, LA which hosts a Mardi Gras-like atmosphere nearly every weekend in the warmer months. 


A party atmosphere also nabbed Las Vegas the number five spot while warm weather cities like San Francisco, CA; Charleston, SC; San Diego, CA; Miami, FL; and Austin, TX rounded out the top 10.


For the full list and a more detailed look at the choices, head on over to Travel and Leisure.


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