$4 gas? What a bargain!

Americans might be grappling with the reality of paying $4 for a gallon gas but many people in the world would consider that quite a bargain. In many places, filling a standard size 16-gallon tank could set you back more than $150.


To put things in perspective, Travel and Leisure recently compiled a list of the World’s 10 Highest Gas Prices. The title of world’s highest belongs to Istanbul, Turkey where regional unrest has launched gas prices close to the $10 mark; residents are currently paying $9.63 a gallon. Nipping at Istanbul’s heels is Arimea, Eritrea, where a gallon of fuel will cost you $9.59.


Regional instability isn’t the only factor that leads to high prices. Citizens of eco-friendly cities like Oslo, Norway and Copenhagen, Denmark can blame their pump woes on high taxes. Residents fork over $9.27 and $8.42 per gallon respectively. Check out the full list here.  

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