Tour Rio's shantytowns


The slums in Rio de Janeiro are usually avoided by tourists; however these days, officials are inviting travelers to visit the infamous spots. 


On Monday, the shantytown of Santa Marta became the first community in a program meant to promote tourism in the poor neighborhoods of Brazil, that prove to be the populated with unique works of art and music.


The program, “Rio Top Tour: Rio de Janeiro in a Different Perspective,” also rewards places like Santa Marta that have been freed of the violent drug gangs that have long made Rio’s overpopulated slums notoriously dangerous.


Residents of the slums will be trained to work as tourist guides, and English translated streets signs will be posted throughout the town of some 5,000 people, which will have about 30 attractions such as the spot where Michael Jackson filmed a video, a samba school and works of local artists, along with a vista point with unbelievable views of the city.


Source: Associated Press

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