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If you’ve been keeping an eye on pop culture during the last few years, you may have noticed that some things feel a little familiar. The big hairstyles, the shoulder-pads, the reboots of your favorite childhood films… it feels like we’ve traveled back to the 1980s! While some people may not dig this neon blast from the past, true nostalgia geeks are loving it. Whether you’re binge-watching Stranger Things in preparation for the new season or digging your parachute pants out of the closet, there’s something for everyone to love about the 80s. And if you’re looking to turn your love of nostalgia into a full-blown adventure, you’re in luck: we’ve got the must-see travel spots that will make you feel like the 80s never left.

Dirty Dancing Festival – North Carolina


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Nobody puts Baby in a corner, even 30 years down the line. If you’re still in love with Patrick Swayze from his iconic role in Dirty Dancing –and who could blame you, right?– then you need to book a ticket to North Carolina. Every year, just in time for Swayze’s birthday, Lake Lure holds an enormous festival celebrating the classic and beloved film. From special guests to watermelon-carrying competitions (and of course a whole lot of dancing), it’s a fun way to pay tribute to one of the most iconic flicks the 80s ever rolled out.

The Museum of The Moving Image – New York

Who says video games can’t be art? Certainly not the folks at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, who are all about celebrating the geniuses behind some of your favorite 1980s video games with occasional temporary exhibitions focused in classics like Frogger or Space Invaders. Not really into digital entertainment? That’s all right. The Museum of Moving Images also has several permanent exhibits that celebrate the wild and surreal style of 1980s television and cinema, from the glory days of Jim Henson’s beloved Muppets to screenings of classic 80s films. It’s a wonderful excuse to immerse yourself in the culture of days gone by, and catch up on a few forgotten favorites.

The Goonies House – Oregon

It may be the filming location of one of the most beloved movies of the 1980s, but you can’t immediately tell at first sight. The home from The Goonies doesn’t have a museum, or a gift shop, or even a plaque to commemorate it; it’s simply another house in a sleepy cul de sac. The owners aren’t too keen on tourists either, but that doesn’t stop hardcore fans from making the pilgrimage in order to snap a few pics!

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RockFest 80’s – Florida


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Music was a huge part of the popularity and impact of shows as popular as Stranger Things, and it’s easy to see why. The music from the 80s was an unforgettable mix of hair bands, electro dance music, and pop classics. And, best of all, it hasn’t gone anywhere! You can experience at least some of those musical moments when booking cheap round trip flights to Florida. RockFest 80’s is a two-day trip back to your favorite time for music. With performances from artists like Joan Jett, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Cheap Trick, it’s a great way to relive the rock moments that helped define a decade.

Do you want to take a trip back in time? Why not plan your visit to some of these awesome places right now?

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