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Are you a fan of the hit TV show The Walking Dead? Then show your undying loyalty with a trip to see some of its most famous filming locations. Every scene of this long-running blockbuster series has been shot in Georgia, with much of it done in Atlanta or within an hour’s drive south of town. Many TWD locations are accessible to the public and easy to reach by car.

And don’t worry – you won’t have to lather yourself up in zombie blood to make it through a horde of walkers without being bitten or have to carry any sort of sword, crossbow, chainsaw, machete, or gun while sightseeing. In fact, we strongly recommend that you don’t! Remember, kids, it’s only a TV show – an often vividly gruesome, keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat splatterfest of a TV show, but only that.

So where are the top TWD locations you actually can see for yourself? For the ultimate fan selfie and a ghoulishly good time, we’ve listed nine of the best for you here.

Opening Scene

The opening scene from Season 1 of TWD was shot in Fairburn, Georgia between 3930 and 3934 Cascade Palmetto Highway, where the road meets Highway 154 and Campbellton Fairburn Road. The site is just over 15 miles from Atlanta’s main airport.

Gas Station

The gas station from Episode 1, Season 1 where Rick realizes the gravity of the situation he’s woken up into is also in Fairburn. At 3939 Cascade Palmetto Highway, it’s just a heartbeat away from the opening scene site. When you go, if you happen to see a blonde girl in a bathroom shuffling around listlessly with a stuffed bunny in her hand, run! Otherwise, stop in, fill up, grab some supplies, see if they have any TWD-related merch and take a pic or two.

Rick’s House

Though it’s supposed to be a small town in fictitious King County, the house used as Rick’s home is really in Atlanta. Located at 817 Cherokee Avenue Southeast, it’s right next to leafy Grant Park and Zoo Atlanta. Please keep in mind that this is a private residence.

Morgan’s House

Around the corner from Rick’s house is Morgan’s home at 386 Ormond Street Southeast. Make sure no one’s rustling around in an upstairs window when you visit! Note: this is also a private residence.

Rick’s Horseback Ride into Atlanta

atlanta freedom parkway

That haunting scene of Rick riding horseback into Atlanta was taken on Freedom Parkway heading west toward Downtown Atlanta. Be mindful of this city’s infamous traffic when plotting your trip and try to avoid rush hour. There was some pretty heavy duty CGI going on in that scene — you’ll never see five lanes of highway without a single vehicle on it in Atlanta!

For an awesome vantage point, take a photo from the Jackson Street Bridge above Freedom Parkway, which is where the scene was shot from. Even before TWD, this was a popular location for pics of the Atlanta skyline, especially during sunset. Traffic isn’t so bad here and it’s possible to park. Still, make sure you pay attention to cars and abide by parking regulations.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC Atlanta

Image via Flickr CC – anokarina

Yes, there really is a CDC, and it’s really in Atlanta (1600 Clifton Road Northeast). A federal agency, its purpose is to conduct and support health promotion, disease prevention, and preparedness in the US with the goal of improving overall public health. On the CDC campus is the David J. Sencer CDC Museum, the only part of CDC open to the public. Admission and parking are free. Guided exhibition tours are available for groups of 10 or more by reservation with a maximum of 30 people per tour.


The fortified zombie-free zone of Woodbury is the real-life town of Senoia, about 35 miles south of the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Before TWD, this picture-perfect setting was an on-location set for Fried Green Tomatoes, Pet Semetary II, Drop Dead Diva, and more movies and shows. TWD walking tours are available. Filming in town and nearby is still active.

Big Spot

The Big Spot supermarket seen at the beginning of Season 4 is in Griffin at 681 North Avenue, some 40 miles south of the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Other locations in Griffin have made it into the series as well, including Eugene’s Bullet Shop, the site where Noah died, the library, and The Kingdom.


793 Windsor Street Southwest in Atlanta is the location of Terminus. In reality, it is a disused industrial site. It’s closed to the public but good views of it can be seen from the street.

But That’s Not All…

TWD walking tour

Image via Flickr CC BY 2.0 – Casey Florig

Similar to the never-ending onslaught of a zombie horde, a list of TWD locations could go on and on and on. With seven seasons under its belt and more on the way, even the most thorough list may leave certain things out. For up-to-date listings of locations, fansite The Walking Dead Locations is your best resource, which breaks down locations by city and season.

Got any zombie apocalypse intel for us? Did we miss a place that’s an absolute must-see sight for TWD fanatics? Share your knowledge with us in the comments section below.

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