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Restroom Brilliance in Bryant Park

Visitors taking flights to New York deserve more than just a urine covered airport restroom, so visit these five great bathrooms for a more enjoyable experience in times of needs when traveling to the big NYC.

The Standard Hotel: Manhattan’s hotel of the moment The Standard, has become famous for its inspirational bathrooms that let you bare all to tourists walking The High Line park, which sits underneath it. Whether you’re a guest or not, take the elevator to the 18th floor to experience the fantastic video installation by Marco Brambilla and Crush studios. On arrival, dive into the mens room for a staggering panoramic view of uptown Manhattan, the Hudson river and New Jersey at the urinals or experience a glass walled cubicle in the ladies’ loos. Needing the lavatory has never been so exciting.

Sorella: Cosy downtown restaurant Sorella can be found on Allen Street whether you’re looking for a relaxing restroom or a fancy Italian dinner accompanied by a classy cappuccino. Make your way to the modest bathroom between the bar and the dining room for a pretty surreal experience. A dimly lit sauna-esque restroom shared in harmony between men and women, if the rather ominous French Bulldogs that stare at you from a frame on the wall aren’t inspiring, at least Sorella’s cheesecake will be.

Bryant Park: Between Fifth and Sixth Avenue and from 40th to 42nd is Bryant Park, a great place to ‘spend a penny’ in the city. Adrian Benepe, NYC Park commissioner has acclaimed the Bryant Park public restrooms as ‘the gold standard for park comfort stations.’ Voted the ‘Third Best Restroom’ in 2010 America’s Best Restroom, let’s see if Bryant Park can climb the ranks in 2012.

New Museum: Manhattan’s best contemporary art gallery, the New Museum offers more than just exceptional art. Once you’ve finished browsing the works and admiring the view from the top floor, take the elevator to the basement restroom and enjoy the fitting floral wall tiles that compliment the Museum’s modern design aesthetic. Frequently cleaned and rarely a queue, make a fresh start at the New Museum.

Landmark Sunshine Cinema: An historic Lower East Side must-visit on Houston, the Landmark Sunshine Cinema is more than just a great movie theatre. Enjoy a relaxing visit to a comfort station on every single level of the city’s coolest cinema. Whether you’ve joined the crowds to see the latest art house smash or wish to act intelligent with a visit to a foreign language film, visit these well kept bathrooms and don’t let that extra large soda get in the way of your movie.

Photo: misplacedspaces

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