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Whatsapp: Whatsapp offers users the chance to send text style messages in real time when connectedto Wi-Fi. With no roaming charges attached, businesses from around the world are uncovering the possibilities of instant messaging across most Smartphone technologies.


Thinking of ignoring a message? You can’t! With Whatsapp software, senders can see when a message has been delivered and received.


Expensify: Link your US Credit Card to Expensify and keep a track on your business expenses without the need to keep those pesky receipts or opt for the payed receipt scanning service.


The service isn’t completely free however, but with special prices such as $5 per submitter per month offered to companies, such a time saving service is certainly not steep.


Skype: Now available on iPhone and Android devices, business travelers can stay in contactfor free with unlimited Skype calls to friends, family or colleagues. Using hotel Wi-Fi, users can communicate effectively without the sky-high prices with this free App.


Unfortunately Skype has limited availability across the Smartphone market and only works for free when connected to Wi-Fi.


BlackBerry Travel: With BlackBerry travel, users can integrate their LinkedIn profiles to keep colleagues up to date when traveling for business. Seamlessly check the weather, convert currency and monitor flights all from your BlackBerry device. And for added ease, sync up your itinerary with your desktop for safe andsecure storage.


This app is only available on BlackBerry devices leaving all other users exempt from this product.


XECurrency Converter: has adapted its currency converting website into a simple app, perfectly designed for the business traveler. Ditch the calculator and convert that currency effortlessly.


If you're looking for a travel app that books flights, you should use CheapOair's travel app.


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