Ohope Beach, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Beaches of New Zealand


When travelers think of beach destinations, images of tropical locations such as the Caribbean, the South Pacific and Florida seem to come to mind. Most tourists underestimate the beauty of New Zealand beaches.


There are plenty of exotic beaches with a range in diversity from sandy white beaches to rocky, rugged terrain locations. The change in coastline is due to the uneven landscape of the island itself providing for a unique beach experience.


With everyone's eye on New Zealand after the recent massive earthquake, many will start to see that it is such a remote location with its own flavor every tourist needs to soak up. And what better way to truly visit New Zealand than with a trip to one of its unique beaches


Waiheke Island’s Onetangi Beach: Located on the island of Waiheke; the third most inhabited of the country itself, the beach is actually a great place for some solitude. It is the largest beach on that island and stretches for miles of golden sand with picturesque views that go as far as Great Barrier Island.


Piha Beach: Looking for the spot where all the tourists come out to play? With breath taking scenic views and an amazing ride through the Mountains along the way to the beach, Piha is an adventure waiting to happen. It is close by to Auckland city; where you can escape the busy city life for some rest and relaxation very close by. Unfortunately, though the views are amazing, it is not a perfect place to swim. The coastal current can drag swimmers out to the sea. Views of water and greenery bring tourists to this popular destination as a must see in New Zealand.


Cape Reinga – 90 mile beach: With a name like the 90 mile beach, one can expect to find plenty of space to camp out for a beach day. Luckily, this is possible at this popular spot. With its proximity in the Upper North Island, it is the longest beach in New Zealand. Technically, it is really about 60 miles long. If you're a fan of sand dunes, you'll be able to take photographs that will seem like you are in the Sahara Desert. Besides enjoying a day at the beach, it is recommended to take a 4×4 tour of the island in the sand dunes for a thrilling adventure that goes beyond a quiet day at the beach.


Anaura Bay, North Island: Many travelers are not familiar with the rich history of New Zealand. For a glimpse into the culture of the island, a trip to Anaura Bay, North Island is a walk down memory lane. This is the second place where Captain Cook landed on the island. It is well known for excellent beaches which offer diving, fishing and of course, swimming. But, what most tourists aren't aware of is the surrounding areas with untouched wildlife. Take a walk down the Anaura Bay walkway; a tour hour trek through coastal and pine forest for a walk on the wilds side; to hear and see local bird life.


Kaikoura, Canterbury: With its location so far out from the rest of the world, New Zealand is also known for its busy sea life. Kaikoura is famous for whale watching, swimming with dolphins and fur seals just hanging around the shore. Imagine trying to catch a nice tan and being distracted by natural wild life before your eyes. This small coastal town is not only a tourist destination, but also a popular destination for locals who love to scuba dive and explore the marine life. It is a fantastic destination for the aquatic lover.


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