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Flying the snack-friendly airlines


It’s no secret that airline food leaves much to be desired.
In years past, when you may have gotten an entire meal on a domestic flight,
today, you’re lucky to get a bag of peanuts.


However, there are some airlines
that steal offer snacks that can help the flight more enjoyable. Today we
highlight five of the best airline snacks and where to find them.


Cathy Pacific, Pork Buns: Cathy Pacific’s Pork Buns are
quickly becoming world renowned. A popular dish in Hong Kong, pork buns have
made their way onto the airlines with this tasty snack. Take a warm, honey
glazed bun, put some barbecued pork in it with a little homemade hoisin sauce,
and you have pork buns.


Frontier Airlines, Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies: This isn’t
just a bag of chocolate chip cookies. These are warm, baked cookies that you
just won’t find on any airlines. Formerly a staple of Midwest, once they became
Frontier, they decided to keep the cookies; and we sure are glad.


Austrian Airlines, Pastries: Austria is known for their
delectable pastries and you can now enjoy them on your flight on Austrian
Airlines. Not on every flight, you’ll typically find these tasty pastries on
flights leaving out from New York City. This is a great snack to enjoy on a
long flight.


Virgin America, Stacy’s Simply Naked Pita Chips: While
sweets make for good airline snacks, it’s good to balance it out with something
salty. Virgin America continues to fly high in the food category with their
pita chips. Nothing special here, but a nice alternative to the bag of peanuts.


Continental Airlines, Cheesecake on a Stick: You just can’t go wrong
with cheesecake. Continental has recently introduced a new menu, of which
includes a new cheesecake on a stick. The cheesecake is creamy and
chocolate-covered, making for happy travelers.

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