Top five airline foods
Get the most out of your airline meal with these carriers and dishes


Let’s be honest, in-flight food can often leave much to be desired. While some flights may give you a nice meal for a long international flight, many domestic flights, whether long or short, can give you little or anything.


Many domestic flights in the U.S. for example, may just include a couple packs of peanuts or cookies. However, there are still airlines out there that are serving entrees that would be appealing to anyone, and not just travelers hoping to get some sustenance on their flight. Below you’ll find a list of a few of the top airline entrees and which flights you can find them on.


Lasagna, British Airways: Having to choose between a couple meats for an in-flight dinner can be tough, because rarely do flights get it right. However, British Airways meets passengers in the middle by offering a can’t-miss dish with their Lasagna. Often found on their longer international flights, the lasagna is a surprisingly filling entrée that you should never pass up when offered.


Slow-cooked beef blade in rosemary sauce, Singapore Airlines: Singapore Airlines has been establishing itself in the industry as a leader with its food offerings. The slow-cooked beef blade in rosemary sauce just sounds good from the name of it. As tough as it can be to choose a meat for an entrée when flying, Singapore Airlines seems to pull it off.


Pork buns, Cathay Pacific: It’s interesting to find that some of the best airline foods come from Asia. Cathay Pacific follows in line with many of the other Asian airlines in providing great food offerings. They often serve a small, but tasty pork bun that may give travelers somewhat of a similar taste of what they would find when ordering pork buns off the streets of Manhattan.


Shrimp in Thai dressing with asparagus tips, Thai Airways: This is one of the tastier, yet healthy entrees we found. Although seafood isn’t always the first choice of many travelers, Thai Airways offers different seafood entrees including this dish that features a sweet Thai dressing over shrimp with asparagus tips on the side.


Lamb Shank, Malaysian Airlines: Malaysian Airlines actually features a section on their website that features some of what they call their “signature dishes”. This includes North Atlantic Cod and a cheese dish. However, as bold as it is to go with a meat, Malaysian Airlines seems to have done it with the Lamb Shank.


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