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However one kind of story that continuously kept coming into our news room throughout the calendar year was about something being smuggled on-board a plane. From the gross to the funny to the just plain bizarre, here are eight (sorry but a top five just wasn’t enough) of our favorite smuggled stories of 2010.

Disguised Man Boards International Flight:  A young man is detained in Vancouver after arriving from Hong Kong in an “old man” mask.

Drugged Tiger Cub Found in Luggage in Bangkok Airport:  A live tiger cub was found drugged and buried among stuffed-tiger
toys in the luggage of a woman at Bangkok’s airport.

Live Crabs Found in Woman’s Suitcase at UK Airport: A woman was stopped at Belfast International Airport after five live
crabs were found in her suitcase.

Man Caught Smuggling 18 Monkeys Under Clothes at Mexico City Airport: A man was detained at Mexico City’s international airport after authorities noticed a “mysterious bulge” under his clothes.

Giant Snails Seized at Washington Dulles International AirportCustoms agents at Washington Dulles International Airport discovered a package containing 14 Giant African Land Snails.

Maggots Force U.S. Airways Flight Back to Atlanta Gate:  Maggots tumbled out of an overhead bin from a spoiled container of meat
on a US Airways flight.

Two Women Arrested at UK Airport for Boarding with Corpse:  Two women were arrested at Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport for allegedly
trying to bring their 91-year-old dead relative on a flight to Germany. They told police he was  “moving
and breathing” in the taxi-ride to the airport.

Bag Filled with 95 Snakes Found at Malaysia Airport: A passenger whose bag contained 95 boa constrictor snakes burst open on a
luggage conveyor belt at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.


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    I think you want to edit the last entry. Right now, it states that a man burst open while his reptile-laden luggage was on the conveyor belt.


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