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Calling all outdoor adventurers, foodie fanatics and culture connoisseurs! If you’re looking to book some last minute flights to your next tropical escape, look no further. Home to breathtaking beaches, a bustling nightlife, and delectable cuisine sure to send your taste buds wild, Colombia is the destination of your dreams.

With so much to see and do, it’s hard to choose just a few for your itinerary so, luckily for you, we’ve narrowed down a list of some of the best things to do in this captivating country. From historic havens to underwater museums, check out these six must-dos on your trip to Colombia!

Stroll Through Cartagena’s Old Town

Brightly colored colonial buildings adorned with exotic flowers, unique fashion boutiques, and famous museums– that’s what you’ll find in this UNESCO World Heritage Site. A stroll through this old Caribbean coast port city, so rich in its history, will have you wondering if you’ve stepped out of reality and right into a painting. And food-lovers, beware! The wide range of restaurants and cafes are sure to send you into a coma of gastronomic bliss. Head to one of the spots by the water and sip on an Avena Colombiana – a rich, creamy traditional Colombian drink made from oatmeal – and soak in the breathtaking sites of this historic hamlet.

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Lose Your Way in the Lost City

Tucked away deep in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Maria Mountains, lies Ciudad Perdida, the lost city. Built and occupied by Tayrona Indians back in the 8th century (over 600 years before Machu Pichhu), this is now, undoubtedly, the most popular hike and one of the most popular attractions of Colombia. Both residents and visitors alike, plan their trips here in advance to catch a glimpse of these breathtaking ruins magnificent stone terraces and stairways that still stand sturdy, unchanged much from their original shape!

Ride a Cable Car in Medellin

If you’re looking for a small pueblo (town) vibe with the vivaciousness of a big city, Medellin is where you need to be. From colorful pueblos to a cable car ride across the city, you’ll be greeted with tons of unique experiences in this huge but homey city. This city has an explosion of art and history while offering visitors a chance to get a taste of the vast diversity in natural landscapes and cuisine. A ride on Medellin’s Metrocable will take you to-and-from the bustling city up to the hillsides Parque Arvi, a nature reserve (and fantastic escape) tucked away in the hills of Medellin. The metrocable ride is not only one of the cheapest ways to get an astounding view of the entire city, but also a fun one!

Get Your Caffeine Fix in Coffee Country

Colombia is the 3rd largest producer of coffee…in the world! To experience and see the whole process of coffee production, head to the Colombian Coffee Triangle and take a tour of some of the most historic plantations boasting spectacular views and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. To add a spoonful of history to that cup-o-joe, visit Finca El Ocaso or Don Eduardo – two coffee farms offering tours and lodging all year round, that have also been deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Want to impress your waiter or waitress with your knowledge of Colombian coffee culture? When you’re at a restaurant, order a tinto and you’ll be given a small Colombian coffee without milk.

Scuba Dive to an Underwater Museum

If you didn’t have enough to see on the history-filled streets of Cartegena above ground, how about an underwater adventure on Colombia’s enchanted Caribbean coast? Grab your scuba and snorkeling gear and take a dive down to see Mumar, a Museum of Art and Entertainment…underwater. Located in the Rosario Islands, a nature reserve a few miles off the coast of Cartegena lies 43 tropical islands, a coral reef, shipwrecks and yes, an underwater museum.

Salsa the Night Away in Cali

Known as the salsa capital of the world, if you’re itching to hit the dance floor or to learn some suave moves – Cali is where you need to be! Although the roots of salsa come from the Cuban population of New York City, when the dance form reach Colombia, it took the nation by storm. And soon after it reached Colombian shored, Cali fashioned its own style of salsa, blending their own musical influences, and dance moves (think fast spins and shimmies) to the existing ones to create a new uptempo version of salsa. Not much of a dancer? No worries. With an explosion of culinary options, new and old, and a ton of historical sites and museums like Museo de Oro, the Gold Museum and Iglesia de la MercedCali’s oldest church, there’s so much to see and do in this city, for every kind of traveler.

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