Los Angeles is home to countless famous sites such as Disneyland, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Universal Studios, and more! But in addition to these jaw-dropping attractions, LA also boasts many unique hotspots that are far less crowded! Below are our top 4 most undiscovered sites in Los Angeles. Feel free to thank us later!

1.) Eaton Canyon

For those of you wanting to become one with nature, or just get a short workout while visiting the West Coast—Eaton Canyon is a super convenient hiking trail. Located just 35 minutes from the city of Los Angeles, this trail is a relatively easy way to do a 3.8 mile hike up a 40 foot waterfall! Additionally, there is an excellent Nature Center near the trail with several free presentations.

If you’re not interested in watching presentations about nature, but would rather just see nature for yourself, then, in addition to the breathtaking waterfall, there is an abundance of wildflowers that grow on the lower parts of the canyon floor that look especially beautiful in the spring. Just be sure to schedule your hike on a weekday to avoid the crowds!

2.) M.A.S.H. Malibu State Park

Jaywarren79 / Shutterstock

Jaywarren79 / Shutterstock

Now, if you’re a late 80s baby like me, you probably aren’t too familiar with the hit TV series M.A.S.H.! Between the years of 1964 and 1983, 20th Century Fox filmed M.A.S.H on land that they owned in the LA area. This show was the most watched television show in history at the time, and went on to win 100 Emmy nominations. In 2002 it was ranked #25 in TV Guide’s 50 best TV shows of all time!

Just to fill in you youngins out there, (yes we just used the word youngins) these years coincided with the Korean War era, so it’s no coincidence that the story line followed a team of doctors and support staff, who were stationed at the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in Uijeongbu, South Korea during the Korean War. The characters however, always added a comedic twist to their daily routine, making it one of the most beloved shows in American television history. Visiting this park will definitely be a memorable highlight of your LA trip.

3.) Turtle Racing at Brennan’s Pub

john a. shaw / Shutterstock

john a. shaw / Shutterstock

Ready, set, slow! Visit the Turtle Races at Brennan’s Pub to see the turtle, well, race other turtles! Racing starts around 9 pm every Thursday with rounds an hour or so apart. (Depends how slow the turtles go!) You can bring your own turtle or you can rent one when you get there! With delicious food, great drinks, and the competitive spirit in the air, it’s a win win for all! (Except the losing turtles of course!) You may also be lucky enough to spot an occasional celebrity or two in the thick of the action. Hey, this is LA—and celebs can have turtles too!

4.) Abbot Kinney Food Truck Night “1st Fridays”

CREATISTA  / Shutterstock

CREATISTA / Shutterstock

OK— this one may get a little crowded? Make sure you skip breakfast if you plan to visit this LA food hub. Over 40 mom and pop restaurants participate in this huge food truck event taking place every first Friday of the month! There’s limited seating in this outdoor venue, so arrive early to avoid disappointment. Once you’re settled, let the eating begin! This event has everything from lobster rolls at The Lobster Truck, to Korean burritos at Gogi Truck, to burgers at Baby’s Bad Ass Burgers, plus much, much more! Be prepared for lines, and remember—they say good things come to those who wait!

Whether you stay in the city center or venture a little farther afield, make your Los Angeles visit fun and different by checking out some of these less crowded attractions!

Add your comment below for any undiscovered LA spots we may have missed!

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