Top 5 Museums in Paris

Visit the Biggest Museum in Paris!

Museums tend to be a fascinating and versatile place that anyone can enjoy. Every city has their list of top museums to visit, with Paris being high on that list. Besides enjoying the ambiance and sites of typical Paris, get an idea of rich culture at these top museums in Paris the next time you’ve got cheap tickets to the destination.

Musee du Louvre: Just the way the name of this museum rolls off your tongue is enough of a reason to visit Musee du Louvre, or The Louvre for short. You can easily spend days in this museum with over 30,000 objects dating from prehistoric times till today. Did you know that the actual museum itself is not only the biggest in Paris, but was once a former royal palace? Look out for famous sights like the high glass pyramid's entrance that reminds us of the famous film “The Da Vinci Code.” And make sure to say hello to the most famous resident- Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci's best known portrait.

Paris Sewer Museum:
You wouldn’t think a Sewer Museum would be very popular, but it actually is. While Paris is known for its picturesque views and romantic city streets, there is another side to the city. Take a trip underground to the extensive sewer system of Paris. Take twists and turns in an underground labyrinth that dates back to 1370.If you're a fan of Victor Hugos’ “Les Miserables,” this is your chance to see the sewer system featured in the famous book. Since the 19th century, tours have been given to navigate this interesting place. During your visit, you’ll learn not only about the history of the sewers from the middle ages but also about water treatment methods still used today.

Centre Pompidou: Parisian museums vary in shape and size and the Centre Pompidou is no different. Art meets culture meets Modern Paris at the Centre Pompidou. This creative complex is the largest modern art museum in Europe and is home to the Public Library and the Modern Museum. It holds an impressive collection of modern and contemporary art and it’s no wonder why over six million visit the Center annually. After all of your museum exploring, spoil yourself at the Georges Restaurant on the top floor of the museum for scenic views of the entire city while dining typically French cuisine.

Musée de la Vie Romantique: If Paris is the City of Love, what better way to fully capture the idea than to a visit to the Romantic Life museum? Love is in the air in the space that was used as an art studio and home for romantic inspired art. The exterior of the museum is oh so typically French with pastel colors, French windows and a lush garden to welcome the spring flowers. The collection of the museum holds mementos from writer, George Sand, and other various arts by French and European artists. Famous faces even rubbed shoulders here, like Chopin, Dickens and Rossini.

Musee de l'Histoire de France: To explain French History, you may need a while to dig into your brain and remember everything the country has been through. Luckily, the folks at the Museum of French History do a great job at capturing this vital history in an interesting way. Get an idea of what France looked like through the ages with antique furniture, paintings and documents on display. The building itself is a piece of history; a classic design of rococo style in the ceiling walls and interior. What we find most interesting is the farewell letter written by Marie Antoinette, just before her execution.

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