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There was something particularly special about the city of Vancouver that had everyone looking at it after the Olympic Winter Games. This colorful Northern city is not only a hip place to visit, but is listed as one of the world’s greatest places to live.


Being the third largest city in Canada, Vancouver is home to a busy city life surrounded by natural landscape beauty between rugged mountains and the Pacific Ocean. This year, travel bloggers, writers and professionals will meet up at the 3rd annual Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX). Which just so happens to be sponsored by CheapOair! So if you’re planning to travel to Vancouver this weekend or some other time, here are 10 places you MUST visit!


Vancouver Lookout: If you’ve just arrived to Vancouver, apparently, this should be your first stop. (After you’ve checked into your hotel or hostel of course.) Located atop the Harbour Centre; a towering complex, the Vancouver lookout offers a bird’s eye view of the entire city. Even before you get to the top, the glass elevators provide an exciting view. Indoor decks are heated, so even on a cold night, you can enjoy the view from above.


Capilano Suspension Bridge and Park: Those who are (literally) ready to take a walk on the wild side will appreciate the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Not only is it the oldest tourist attraction built in 1889, it is one of the most popular. It spans over 450 feet across as you walk across over the Capilano River at a height of 230 feet.  Kids can enjoy nature tours and Treetop Adventures; a walk through the evergreens.


Dr. Sun Yat Set Chinese Garden: Though the city of Vancouver is multicultural, there is a strong Chinese immigration present in the city. For a taste of relaxing Chinese meditation in a picturesque garden, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen has your recipe at his garden. It represents the peak of the Ming Dynasty; the garden provides a space of tranquility and honor to the accomplishments of the empire.


Stanley Park: New York City has Central Park, but Vancouver has a park just a little bigger named Stanley Park. Attracting nearly 8 million visitors a year, this park nicknamed the “Year round playground” could possibly have its own list of top things to do. Most locals and tourists enjoy riding the seawall; a 5.5 mile long sea wall path meant for biking or rollerblading along the coast.


English Bay: Looking to catch some sun or enjoy a lovely sunset? Many beaches along the English Bay offer opportunities to enjoy the natural scenery of the British Colombia area. Historically, it was the home base for the first lifeguard in Vancouver who taught residents how to swim.


Museum of Vancouver: If the city has already enchanted you by now, why not dig deeper into its rich history at the Museum of Vancouver? Dating back to the 19th century, it is the largest civic museum in Canada. The collection features artifacts from around the world of Vancouver residents.


The MacMillan Observatory: If you’re interested in the world a few light-years beyond the area of Vancouver, to outer space, the MacMillan Space Centre is the place to go. This non-profit foundation hopes to inspire those by educating those about the Universe. It is home to quite possibly the coolest overnight school trip; students can spend the night for an overnight adventure observing the night sky at the Planetarium.


Bloedel Conservatory: At the top of Queen Elizabeth Park lies a little piece of another environment; a conservatory filled with many specifies. One can find over 100 birds, tropical fish and lush tropical plants that are all very picture worthy. Sci-fi series such as Battlestar Galactica and Stargate SG-1were even filmed in this location.


Granville Island: Once named “Industrial Island” as it was once home to factories and plants, present day Granville Island luckily has a lot more to offer. If you’re looking for the local experience, start at the Public Market where you’ll find an array of food stands that will wet your appetite. Once you have a full stomach, enjoy great shopping, theatre and entertainment or just sit by the marina and watch the boats pass by.


Vancouver Public Library: If you’re not visiting to find a book out of the 2.2 million items in its collection, make sure to enjoy the building itself. Take a look above once inside of the central branch for sky lit ceilings and old style architecture.


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