Montreal's Eaton Centre

Shopping is a "must" when in Montreal


Besides being gazed by numerous attractions, shopping is a great way to fall in love with Montreal. Beautiful cobblestone streets and underground complex's are filled with stores to send a shop-a-holic to heaven.


Fall in love with the streets of St-Laurent and Rue Ste-Catherine for some shopping that will make your feet tired and your wallet empty. It's a great way to see the different Montreal neighborhoods, and to beat the cold when you're in the underground mall complex.


Eaton Centre: Start off big with the most well known shopping complex in Montreal. It's not as popular as the one in Toronto, but offers just as much. It's a great place to find many American brands with a variety of chain stores. Take a break from shopping and catch a movie at the multi-screen cinema.


Les Delices de l'Erable: If you're looking to bring home maple syrup; something Canada is well known for, this is the place to get it. The enticing aroma of baked goods will make any shopper stop in their place. Have a delicious cup of coffee and a baked good drizzled in maple syrup. Bring home a small souvenir sized bottle, or a bottle as big as your arm!


La vie en Rose: Tourists, meet the Victoria's Secret of Montreal called La Vie en Rose. With such a beautiful name; translated to the life in rose, how can you not want to shop here? Women can find lovely lingerie’s and men can find that special something for their lady, or just enjoy the very sexy advertisements.


Au Papier Japonais: If you're a writer, a fan or origami or a Japanese aficionado, you'll be pleased with this store. There is probably as much Japanese paper in this store as there is in Japan. This cute little shop offers crafty paper gifts and has workshops and seminars to learn this unique craft.


Chapters Bookstore: Book lovers will find heaven at Chapters Bookstore. With a few locations in Montreal, there are great discounts on books, gifts and other book lover's items. Christmas is a great time to shop at Chapters for beautiful Cards, ornaments and gifts. Items are often heavily discounted towards the end of the year which makes for some dangerous shopping!


HMV: Remember a few years back when HMV music stores were everywhere? It's not a thing in the past for Montreal; HMV is one of the biggest music and media stores in the city. Tourists often photograph this once popular music store. You can find all sorts of music, DVD's and music memorabilia.


Kanuk: Staying warm during the winter months in Montreal could be a daunting task. Brutal winters call for extremely warm layers. Tourists looking for warmth can check out Kanuk; a specialty coat store with a variety of warm coats, jackets and other winter accessories.


Le Marché des Saveurs: One of the best parts about Montreal are the many markets. If you're in the area of the Jean Talon market, check out this lovely market boutique. Enjoy a variety of cheese, jams, ciders and other delicious treats. It's a great way to eat your way through Montreal in a fresh and healthy way.


Moog Audio: Known as Canada's best online music store; Moog Audio is not only an excellent music store, but a tourist attraction. Hardcore music fans, especially those that are electronic fans will recognize the Moog label and check out this music lover heaven. With an extensive collection of musical instruments, DJ equipment and Audio/Visual products you'll be ready to start your own club in Montreal.


Local 23: Last but not least, Montreal is known for great vintage finds. Local artists contribute aboriginal items like jewelry, clothes and posters. It's not your typical vintage store; it actually is quite organized. You can also take your old stores for store credit; which is great for the budget shopper!

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