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Zurich International Airport

It's interesting how important an airport can be for a traveler. You'd consider this a place where you simply go in and out; a transition point to get from your location to your destination.


But, it should be a comfort zone to relax when you're heading somewhere; especially if it might be a long claustrophobic flight. Don't forget the possibility of getting stuck due to airport delays. (Say it ain't so, but it can happen!) Here are ten of our favorite airports around the world. 


Singapore Changi Airport: Asia: Built as one of the largest development project in Singapore's history in the 1970's, it continues to have massive expansions. There are five terminals handling a capacity of 73 million. Keep yourself busy with shopping areas, 24-hour napping areas, showers and spa facilities.


Amsterdam Schiphol Airport: Europe: When you're overwhelmed with such an intense city like Amsterdam, it's nice to know the Dutch created such a comforting airport. Hostels in Europe are always costly and it has been known for travelers to sleep at the airport; because it is so comforting. For 15 Euros, you can shower with provided soap, shampoo and other toiletries, and even get a drink included. If you didn't get enough of the spectacular flat views of The Netherlands, check out the Panorama Terrace.


Vancouver International Airport: North America: You hold a big title when you're named the Best Airport in North America. You'd have to hold high standards when you're a major gateway to Asia due to it's close proximity. Luckily, the airport is as impressive as some of the Asian airports they serve. Built after Charles Lindbergh refused to include Vancouver on his tour because of the lack of a proper airport, Vancouver International is now a massive infrastructure.


Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport/Pudahuel Airport/Santiago International Airport: South America: You've already established yourself as an interesting airport when you have 3 different names for it. Also, you're very lucky when on your site; you have no records of air disasters. There aren't enough people to tell you how comforting it is to sleep in this airport. Their website alone is attractive and easy to navigate with hopes for smooth sailing when you're actually in the air.


Dubai International Airport: Middle East: Dubai is already a developing modern city which is impressive as it is, but you really hold your name when your airport has a lot to offer. A full expansion is set to be complete by 2011 with three terminals, concourses, and an expo center with exhibition halls. Some amenities include internet and game rooms, showers, spas, a gym, swimming pool and prayer rooms. Who needs to leave the airport?

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport: Asia: Bangkok's new airport has been described as one large shopping mall. Beautiful in design, it is one of the world's most futuristic and modern airports. Don't get so mesmerized by the views that you'll miss your flight! Here you can also appreciate lots of shopping, food and friendly staff.

Johannesburg Or Tambo Airport: Africa: From the looks of it, this is another airport that believes in a spacious area. After the World Cup 2010, massive constructions seems to have paid off. Terminals seem to be easy to pass through, which is important for any traveler. Passengers will definitely enjoy simply roaming around the gates of Johannesburg airport. Especially, when it is reported that staff here is super friendly. 

Zurich International Airport: Europe: Another airport with beautiful landscapes and architecture; this European airport in Switzerland is one you can't miss. Not only is it good looking, but it's easy to navigate and is one of the cleanest airports in the world.

Jorge Chávez International Airport Lima, Peru: South America: If you want to see a developing airport that keeps improving, keep Lima's International airport in mind. It's nice to have a friendly staff to help, even if it is easy to get around the clearly designed airport. As Lima's International airport grows, expect a second runway in 2014 in addition to the new concourse, four-star hotel and Peru Plaza Shopping Center.

Auckland International Airport: Oceania/Pacific: This is another top spot to save a night on accommodation and sleep in! It is a clean, secure and friendly place to layover or pass through. Check out the Samsung sponsored free internet kiosks which everyone raves about.

Have you crossed through any of these airports? What were your experiences?


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