Haneda Airport to open more landing slots


In an attempt to lure more visitors to their country, Japan has decided to up the available landing slots for international flights by 50 percent at Tokyo's Haneda Airport.


A press release Tuesday from Japan's transport ministry stated that Haneda will make 90,000 slots available annually for international flights. An exact date was not revealed, but it is expected to happen sooner than later as Japan is very serious about increasing their yearly overseas visitors to 15 million over the next four years.


Japan's airports are very busy these days, with Haneda planing to open a fourth landing strip by the end of the month and Narita scheduled to increase their flight slots by 10 percent to 220,000 annually.


Source: Business Week

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  1. syrel

    Well done! Good thing that the agency decided to increase their available landing slots for international flights. Many tourists from different parts of the world will come and visit their country also.


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