Toddler Friendly Travel Tips to Aruba. Photo credit:
Known as “One Happy Island,” Aruba packs a lot into 75
square miles of beach and surf. Couples can honeymoon here in style and stay in
one of the many upscale resorts. Beach junkies will savor the several fine sand
beaches. And families with kids of all ages, from tiny tots to teenagers, can
find a ton of activities to do.

If you’re traveling with a toddler to Aruba, here’s what I

Keep the Sun at a
Aruba is a desert, receiving less than 12 inches of rainfall
each year. It is quite hot, around 80 degrees, all year around. Since it is
nearer to the equator than several of the beaches in the United States, it is
wise to limit your toddler’s sun exposure. My advice would be to keep sunscreen
handy at all times and to have your toddler wear a hat. If you need to go into
the water, use a toddler floater with an umbrella, such as the one from Toy

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Visit the Ostrich
It’s hard to think of Aruba being home to prehistoric-like
birds, but yes, it does have an Ostrich farm which is a great place to visit
with a toddler. The birds also, of course, lay the largest eggs in the world, and
it’s a surprisingly odd thing to do on your visit to the island.

Use the Local Aloe

If there’s one thing Aruba is famous for, it’s aloe!
Toddlers who burn easily or as susceptible to the sun can easily get comforted
by possibly the best aloe in the world (remember that Aruba is a desert island,
and aloe grows there easily). You can take a visit to the aloe factory and buy
some souvenirs to take home.

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Visit Baby Beach
A more apropos name for a beach was never found. Baby beach
is a beautiful beach but extremely shallow, and hence perfect for toddlers. It
also has a few snack shops on the beach and plenty of deckchairs and parasols.

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