Don’t wait until you arrive at the airport to begin thinking about how you can lower your stress level! Anyone who taken a flight understands the anxiety levels involved when dealing with security lines, checking your luggage, flight delays, and anything else that can raise your stress levels. Even when everything goes perfectly, it can be a tense experience. Here are five ways to proactively lower your stress at the airport!

Arrive Organized

Keep your liquids separate in a baggy, your travel documents handy, and personal items you’ll want to use in the airport easily accessible. In the rush to pack and get out the door, sometimes things get jumbled or shoved in the wrong pockets of the wrong bags. It’s worth taking the extra time before departing your home to organize yourself.

Prepare for the Worst

Now that your stuff is organized, it’s helpful to mentally prepare yourself. Of course, things may go wrong: delays, baggage fees, seat changes…whatever it is, if you prepare for the worst and hope for the best you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised when things are easier than they seem. Realistically, none of these little problems are likely to have a lasting effect on the fun you’re about to have on your trip. Prepare to grin and bear it. Taking off your shoes at security is worth the sunshine and palm trees!

Don’t Worry, Be Patient

Though you may be frustrated with airport and airline staff at times, just know they’re doing their jobs. It’s likely they have some kind of expertise over you on the fees, regulations, and rules you need to follow. So don’t argue, and be patient. After all, they’re there to help and guide you to your destination!

Be Kind to Your Neighbors

This tip comes in handy when dealing with your fellow passengers. Everyone is stressed out, and some more than others. You never know where someone is going, where are they coming from, or what their level of comfort is with flying. Be kind when you can and it will surely come back to you in some way or another when you’re in need of a little extra elbow room on your next flight or the last available seat in the airport lounge in the future.

Be Active

Countless research studies have proved that getting your heart rate up is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress. If you have time to kill before your flight, you’d be wise to find out if the airport offers an onsite gym or yoga room. Working up a sweat and moving the body will instantly make you feel less anxious about the journey ahead. Don’t despair if there is no formal workout area at your airport. Simply taking the time to walk at a brisk pace through the terminal can do wonders for your mental state.

Use Airport Lounges

It may be worth your financial investment to look into purchasing a pass for an airport lounge. While some think these lounges are reserved for jet setters, you may be surprised at how affordable it is to get a day pass. These lounges are a haven when looking for a little peace and quiet away from the frenzied pace of the terminal. Here you will generally find complimentary food and drinks, comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi, plenty of charging stations, and more. You will feel your troubles melt away as you actually begin to enjoy the best parts of air travel!

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Check-in Online with Multiple Copies of Your Boarding Pass

It’s better to not leave anything to chance! While it may seem like overkill, experienced travels understand the importance of keeping multiple copies of your boarding pass on you. For example, it’s recommended to download the airline app to store your boarding pass, take a screenshot of it, and print a hard copy. This multi-faceted approach will guard against technical glitches or lost passes.

Don’t Schedule Anything Important on the Day of Travel

While it may be tempting to want to hit the ground running when you arrive at your destination or try to squeeze in some last-minute errands before your departure, it’s a much better plan to not schedule anything important for that day. If your schedule allows, it’s a good idea to devote an entire day for both legs of the travel. This will give you time to focus all of your energy on having a stress-free travel experience.

Try to Fly in the Morning

It’s  worth losing a little bit of sleep the night before to take an early flight. Not only will you enjoy lighter traffic if you get a head start on the morning commute, but also experience fewer crowds at the airport in the early hours. Additionally, morning round trip flights are less likely to be delayed than flights that take off when the day has already been in full swing for a few hours. For best results, aim to book a flight that departs prior to 8 am.

Now that you’re less stressed, go ahead and start planning your next trip! 

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