Tips to Making Your Parisian Experience Perfect, Flickr: wlappe  There are many reasons to book discount airfare visit the “City of Lights,” but your reason why is particularly unique. Perhaps you’re in love with the historical backdrop of the city and the romantic ambiance. Paris may very well be your gateway to Europe and you’re ready to begin your first European adventure. Like any big European city, any visit to Paris can be challenging because many other tourists are looking for the perfect Parisian experience. Get ahead and know how to do Paris right with some helpful travel tips.
Don’t bring a car into the city: Listen to us very closely when we say do not bring a car into Paris. We repeat, do not rent a car to tour the city of traffic at any point in your trip. If you thought the traffic was awful, just imagine how bad the parking situation is. Don’t forget the congestion of tourists running around the beautiful city. Unless you’re renting a car to go out of the Paris city limits, you really won’t need it. Paris is best navigated by Metro on any day, and on a nice day, why not travel around by foot?
Choose your touristic spots wisely: One of the reasons why visitors love Paris is the plethora of things to do, for all ages. There are museums, sightseeing opportunities, excellent shopping and more for all to enjoy, all year ’round. But, consider your time in Paris; are you here for just a weekend or do you have two weeks to spare? Don’t arrive with the intention to figure out what you’ll do when you get there- unless you like to travel that way. More than likely, you’ll be overwhelmed with the amount of things to do and will try to fit everything tightly. Make a list of your top attractions and make sure you know their hours of availability. Note- all National Museums are free every first Sunday of the month.
Plan some down time: With all of the running around you’ll be doing to visit all the wonderful sights, you’ll be le’pooped. In other words, it’s easy to get tired of walking around, standing in long lines and dealing with Parisian traffic. Don’t let the city bring you down; a rotten day in Paris is better than any normal day back home, right? Plan some down time in your schedule to relax at a park, like the Luxembourg Gardens perhaps. Spend some quality time having a European lunch and sit down and relax rather than grabbing a baguette to go. (This will also make you look less like a tourist!)
Eat everything French: You know it, I know it, we all know that Paris is one of the famous culinary capitals known to man. For centuries, French cuisine has impressed us with its variety of extravagant dishes. Do us a favor and try the local cuisine over the touristy, Americanized restaurants. Whether you start small and enjoy French pastries and coffee, or go all the way and devour some snails soaked in butter and garlic, you will enjoy something typically French. The best way is to look for prix-fixe menus with 3-4 course dinners with wine, a candlelit ambiance and typically French dishes worth bragging about.
Do it all over again: If you enjoyed your Parisian experience, why not do it again? Perhaps you and Paris didn’t get along the first time and it deserves another shot. One way or another, we realize you can’t do everything Paris has to offer in one trip. (Unless you’re lucky enough to visit for a few months, then we’re jealous!) Nonetheless, every trip to Paris will run smoother the more you follow these tips and sink in to the Parisian spirit. There is always something to come back for, whether it’s a new restaurant or to enjoy old favorites, like a view off the top of the Eiffel Tower.

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photo: wlappe

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