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Tips to Know Before Visiting Cancun

Cool Off in Cancun!


When you think of Cancun, the immediate images that spring to mind may include cocktails, beaches, hammocks and the endless dosage of sunshine. But before you book a flight to Cancun, here are a few general tidbits to keep in mind that will help you plan a better vacation.

Be Prepared for the Weather: The weather is easy to predict because chances are you’ll have sun with plenty of chances of sunshine. With year round sunshine and tropical humidity, the only items you’ll want to pack are your swimsuit, sunscreen, flip flops, shorts and tees. Sunglasses and visors are advised. Snorkeling gear, optional.

Expect Crowds at the Airport and on the Beach: Cancun’s airport has the second largest volume of traffic in Mexico, so expect intense security levels. With the advent of the new terminal, there are better facilities and equipment, but it still doesn’t hurt to arrive earlier in case the security scans take extra time.

Expect to speak or listen to Spanish:
You won’t take in Cancun without encountering a bit of Spanish, so take your translator or master a few phrases before you go. While many Mexicans working in the hospitality industry in Cancun speak English, and also other foreign languages including French, Italian and German, it doesn’t hurt to learn to say “good morning”  (Buenos dias) or “good evening” (Buenas noches) in the local language. The indigenous population speaks Mayan.

Expect to use the American Dollar: Although the local currency is the Mexican peso, American dollars are widely used and accepted in the country. You can always find banks that are open and currency conversion exchanges. Tipping is a standard 15%.

If you’re traveling during the more rainy months (August-October), pack some umbrellas and be patient—the sun generally comes out of its cloudy shell. Enjoy your trip to the most popular destination in Mexico!

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