In some cases, traveling can tend to become one big headache. At its simplest, traveling would be presumably as easy as getting on to a plane and flying to your destination. No packing, no buying airline tickets, no taking time away from work. Nothing but simplicity at its finest. But, unfortunately, that isn’t how travel works. It’s a whirlwind of check marks ensuring that you didn’t forget anything on your list — item #1 on that list is to PACK.

Often times the simplest solution to overpacking is to cut out what you don’t need (like that dress you found in your closet from 9 years ago) and keep what you do (like those toiletries you specifically bought for the trip). But, with a bit of self-control and willpower, what you pack can go from being dangerously close to the maximum luggage weight to a single carry on bag.

Read below to find out the best ways to pack light when traveling abroad and keep travel simple.


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