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Tour de France

Tips on Tour de France


The Tour de France is easily one of the greatest sporting events in history. Dating back over 100 years, much of the competition's greatest is due to the challenge of the event. Many participants don't even finish the race due to conditions, weather, injuries, and the race's difficulty.


However, what can't be denied is the beauty of Europe that winds itself throughout the Tour de France's route, leading up to the finale in Paris. The Tour de France brings thousands of travelers to France each summer, many of whom visit exclusively to experience the event. To celebrate the start of the race, we've put together a few tips to help you have an even better Tour de France experience.

Find a spot along the Champs-Élysées on the final race day: This is the ultimate place to experience the Tour de France. By this time, the race has been decided, but that doesn't take away from this Sunday scene, which is one of the most iconic in sports. However, if you want to get a good viewing spot along the Champs-Élysées, you better camp out long beforehand and bring your own chairs.

Spend a long weekend in the Alps along the route: If you don't want to battle the Champs-Élysées crowds on the final race day, then spending a weekend along the Tour de France route in the Alps isn't a bad alternative. The race through the Alps moves quickly, so you may consider finding a spot along the finish line of that particular day to see all of the racers coming down the home stretch.

Rent a car and follow along for several days: As we alluded to, the Tour de France route winds its way through some of the most beautiful parts of Europe. For the best Tour de France experience, rent a car and follow along for a few days. However, be prepared for traffic and detours that are a result of the race. Consider a few different places to stop, such as the starting line, finish line, or one of the small towns that racers speed through.

Make a sign: Want 15 seconds of fame? Well this is your chance. However, we do not advocate streaking. Every year spectators get a few seconds of fame for the different signs they make and hold along the Tour de France route. Be creative in your sign making and use proper judgment.

Find a cafe or lounge in one of Europe's larger cities to be a spectator from:
If you don't like large crowds, but still want to get the Tour de France experience, then this is your chance. The Tour de France is one of the largest sports events in all of Europe. Cafes, bars, and lounges are packed each day of the race with fans from around the world. This is a great opportunity to get to know the destination you're visiting and the event itself.


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