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Tips for Tasting Coffees in Costa Rica, Flickr: dlajholt

How Do You Like it?…Your Coffee That is.


Known for its fair, balanced coffees, Costa Rica is mainly known for neutrality. Called “the classic cup,” the traditional balanced coffee is pure, and considered untainted. While many people in Costa Rica pride themselves on producing neutral coffees, these are a few characteristics to note if you’re traveling there with cheap tickets to taste coffee.
1.    Costa Rica coffee is prized for its high notes: bright citrus or berry-like flavors are some to watch.
2.    Watch out for distinct nutty, chocolate-y roasted flavors.
3.    Since most of Costa Rican farms are about big mills creating coffee, there are fewer mom-and- pop style farms with independent crafting ability.
4.    If you are looking for coffee farms for tasting, try to visit those with micro lots, since more quality coffee comes from smaller mills.
5.    The classic flavor profile of Costa Rican coffee is a refined sweetness that translates into all aspects of the coffee, from the aroma to the taste.
6.    Look for independent mills that also have a gamut of roasts, from the lightest to the darkest, because this shows creativity and commitment to quality.
7.    There are a lot of high-grown Costa Rican coffees that have beautiful aromatic woods that come out when the cup cools.
8.    Many people describe Costa Rican coffee as a “coffee’s coffee.”
Before you visit a farm to taste its coffee, know what kind of cup you prefer: do you like something bold and flavored, or something more intimate and mom-and-pop like? If so, avoid the larger names and go for the artisanal coffee roasters and you’ll find that you will get as close to a perfect cup as possible.
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photo: dlajholt

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