Tips for Summer Travel


With the warmer weather and the 2010 summer season upon us, that could only mean one thing… vacation! Like most Americans, you're probably planning your big escape over one of the big three weekends (Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day).


While it is a great way to enjoy a quick trip without using any vacation days, it can also be a bit (or in some cases a lot) more expensive and definitely more congested. So if you can only get away during the long summer holiday weekends,  then here are five tips to help make your travels a little less stressful.


1) The Early Bird Gets the Most out of His/Her Vacation: Whether it means arriving to the airport earlier than usual or hitting the road before the sun comes up, chances are you will want to give yourself some much needed extra time when traveling over the holiday. While travel during Christmas and Thanksgiving might be a nightmare, many top cities throughout the U.S. also see a significant increase in traffic during the summer months at airports and highways. So be prepared!


2) Pick up a City Pass: Not only does picking up a city pass help save you some extra green in your wallet, but it also can save you valuable time at certain city attractions that are popular with tourists. That's because instead of waiting at numerous ticket booths on long lines, your pass provides you access to various attractions, with some even offering V.I.P. aisles much shorter than normal lines.


3) Buy Travel Insurance: Life can throw you a curve ball at a second's notice and before you know if you can not make your trip due to an emergency. So if you're planning an expensive getaway for the holiday weekend, make sure you protect your investment by picking up some travel insurance. Ask alot of questions and read the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing anything.


4) Travel Light: Warmer weather means lighter clothing. So if possible, try to pack all your items into one simple carry-on bag. Not only will you avoid pesky airline baggage fees, but you will also not have to lug around numerous bags throughout the airport and to and from your hotel. 


5) Pick an Affordable Destination: As travelers we all want to visit the Great Wall of China, the Taj Majal and other amazing sights on our ventures, but if you're trying to book a long holiday weekend on a budget, chances are those places will not be visited during such a short amount of time. Look into budget friendly locales that are currently offering deeply discounted hotel deals and cheap airfare like Mexico, Las Vegas, Boston and Chicago.  



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