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With gas prices being higher than normal, it hasn’t been easy to book a cheap flight. Mix that with higher demand and it has probably been a challenge to find that cheapest flight this summer travel season. However, there are some things you can do that can lower your flights by as much as a few hundred dollars. Below you’ll find our top tips for finding the cheapest airfare.

Book mid-week: This is the off-peak time for booking flights. Most people book their flights on the weekend and thus fares are more expensive. Tuesday afternoon is your best time to find a cheap flight, although Tuesday through Thursday are often much cheaper than Friday through Monday. This isn’t always the case though, especially if you’re booking a flight that’s in less than two weeks.

Avoid holidays: Not only avoid holidays, but avoid the days right before and after holidays. Expensive flights often linger for a couple days before and after a major holiday. However, holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving Day can often mean cheaper flights. Not many people are traveling on these days, so you can sometimes find a fare that is much cheaper. Not to mention this can save you from the chaos of holiday travel.

Book weekday flights: Similar to the point above, not only are flights typically cheaper when you book it during the week, they are also cheaper when you book for weekday travel, such as departing mid-week. Friday and Sunday are typically the most expensive days for flying, not to mention the busiest at the airport. These aren’t the days you want to be running late to the airport. Conversely, Saturday can often mean cheaper flights, since not as many people fly on this day.

Book all of your reservations at the same time: This is one of the advantages of using CheapOair. By booking your hotel, car rental, and flights all at the same time, it can sometimes save you as much as a few hundred dollars. Most people book their hotel, car rental, and flights at separate times and on separate websites, but doing it all at once can frequently save you both money and time.

Book months in advance when possible: If you want the cheapest flight, whatever you do, don’t wait until the last two weeks to book. This is going to be your most expensive flight. You may sometimes find a cheap last minute flight, but it’s rare. When possible, book several months in advance to get the cheapest air fare.

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