For some travelers, they don’t mind standing out as the typical tourist. They may sport a fanny pack and love wearing shirts from the destinations they’re visiting. However, this isn’t the case for all travelers. For others, it’s about blending in. This can have a lot of benefits, which can include removing the target from your back for petty crimes. We’ve put together a few of our best tips to help you blend in when you’re traveling.


Pack accordingly: One of the most important ways to blend in actually takes place before you travel. You can feel like a local quite a bit better if you do some research beforehand to find out information about the weather and how people dress. If you’re visiting Scotland in the summer, don’t take a suitcase full of shorts and t-shirts. In fact, don’t even take shorts. Learn about dress and appearance expectations before you arrive.


Have an itinerary: We know this picture. Standing on a corner with your guidebook and map completely folded out and pointing in different directions with your spouse about where to go next. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t have a map handy, but you’ll actually save some time and fit in better if you do some planning ahead of time. Consider planning out your day during breakfast or lunch.


Invest in a language/culture guide: This will be one of your most important investments when traveling internationally. A small pocket guide for the destination you’re visiting will have many of the basic phrases to help you get by. While many cultures may speak English, they appreciate it when you at least try speaking their language.


Have a appropriate bag for carrying personal items: Spend a little extra money for that daypack or bag you’ll be carrying all your things in. That may mean ditching your camera bag, fanny pack, and fashionable purse. With an appropriate bag, you can keep all these things in one place. This will often make for a more comfortable trip, rather than having all these accessories attached to your hip and flung across your shoulder.


Use local transportation: Renting a car is often a necessity when traveling, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be practical and efficient to use public transportation. Many cities have efficient public transportation systems that’ll help you fit in like a local, plus give you a much richer experience of the culture. Not to mention, this can often save you quite a bit of money, rather than booking a rental car or hailing a taxi.

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