People gather outside the famed Egyptian Museum in Cairo (Image: 
Authorities hope to re-open the museum on Saturday


Three of the eighteen items missing from the famed Egyptian Museum have been found, according to Egypt’s Antiquities Minister.


The pieces went missing after rioters looted the museum during an 18-day revolt against former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak.


Dr. Zahi Hawass said that the three items were found scattered inside the museum; he speculated that looters dropped the items while attempting to escape from authorities. 


According to Hawass, several arrests have been made in the robberies and the remaining pieces will be difficult to sell as they are officially registered with the Egyptian government.


Hawass said that he was optimistic that the museum could re-open as early as this weekend as life across Egypt slowly begins a return to normalcy.


The museum is thought to be the only major tourist attraction damaged in anti-Mubarak protests. 


Source: AP

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