"Wedding Chapel," Flickr photo credit: Gorik Francois
Las Vegas wedding chapels are preparing for a rush on 11/11/11


Sin City is bracing for an onslaught of visitors this weekend as couples begin to arrive on Las Vegas flights by the thousands.


What’s all the commotion? Friday’s date will be 11/11/11. And if there’s anything we’ve learned in the past decade, it’s that people love getting married on triple number dates.


Las Vegas wedding chapels are booked solid Friday with more than 3,500 marriage licenses already requested, according to Clark County officials. Many chapels are running special packages to commemorate the date.


Triple number dates have been good for Las Vegas over the past few years. Thousands clamored for weddings last year on 10/10/10 with the biggest demand coming back in 2007 on 07/07/07. Couples will have one more crack at a triple date next year.


Source: MSNBC

Flickr photo credit: Gorik Francois

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