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Cold weather is the perfect time to snuggle up to the one you love. Traveling during the winter months presents unique experiences and things to see. If you’re in the process of planning the perfect couple’s vacation this winter, we’re happy to tell you how.

Look at Your Budget

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Before you decide on anything, crunch some numbers to lock in your budget. Winter is off-season for most places in the Northern Hemisphere, so it’s the perfect time to plan a romantic trip. If you’re not ready to spend some time (and money) looking for flight deals, taking a quick road trip to a cozy and secluded cabin can be one low-cost option. If you have an unlimited budget, the sky’s the limit for something extravagant like getting on a flight to Aspen to a romantic location with some majestic views — just what you and your partner need!

Think About Where You Want To Go

You know what they say. It’s all about the location. Not only does it help set the mood, but some places also have unique features that make your getaway even more memorable. For example, in Fairbanks, Alaska, the Chena Hot Springs Resort will always stay warm, even when it’s absolutely frigid outside. Watch the northern lights dance across the sky as you and your special someone cozy up together — truly a magical moment to treasure forever.

Consider the Activities

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Winter isn’t limited to sledding. It might seem like a no-brainer, but perusing the list of activities can help you narrow it down. Needless to say, it’s also a great way of getting to know your partner better when you learn all about their favorite hobbies and bucket lists. Snowshoe Mountain offers heated RZR tours in the backcountry of Virginia, with the option of a rustic dinner for two at your request. If you’re both more adventurous than that, look into ice climbing, luging, and bobsledding in Lake Placid, New York. When you’re hanging off the icy cliffs or speeding down the hill in a slippery tube, remember that a touch of adrenaline has been clinically proven to make your love for one another even stronger. Science for the win, yes?

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Leave the Kids at Home

As much as we love children, it’s safe to say that they can often prevent you from having an intimate stay with your partner. If you’re looking around for a venue for a romantic escape, then calling ahead to check for kid-free zones is always a good idea. Enter Steamboat Springs, Colorado, into the picture, where you can opt for unique experiences like a horse-drawn sleigh ride or a candlelit teepee dinner. At Strawberry Park Hot Springs (also in Colorado), you can cozy up in re-purposed train cabooses and cabins for a unique getaway.

Check Out the All-Inclusive Packages

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All-inclusive packages are really popular for romantic trips and with good reason. Not only do you not have to worry about money during the vacation, but you also don’t have to lift a finger. Everything you can think of is included in the package. All of the activities are planned out — your food and drinks are doled out whenever hunger or thirst strikes and transportation is already taken care of. Triple Creek Ranch in Montana has a killer package for adults on romantic escapades. Plus, just imagine riding on a horse with your arms wrapped around your better half. It really can’t get any better than that.

Plan with the Holidays in Mind

It goes without saying that a lot of the holidays take place in the winter, bringing with it a lot of stunning holiday light tours and Christmas mazes. Depending on your needs and wants, you could interpret this in a couple of ways: you can either plan the trip before or after the holidays to avoid the huge influx of travelers or have it happen during the holiday itself to embrace the festive season. It really depends what you and your special someone are really into (and if you find any cheap flights in December). Either way, you can make sure you craft the perfect trip that suits you both.

Make Sure to Unwind

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We know you’ll want to spend every waking moment together, but don’t forget to give yourself some time to unwind. That way, you’ll feel even more refreshed and reconnected. Fortunately, a lot of getaway spots during the winter have spas for their guests. If there isn’t one for some reason, you can pack some supplies like nail polish, essential oils, lotion, and mini candles to make your own spa. When you have a moment to yourself, curl up with a cup of hot cocoa or tea and enjoy the view. Sign up for winter yoga, or strike some positions to align your chakras while the sun climbs above the snow-capsuled forests. Yogachelan in Washington actually started their unique twist on a popular winter activity called Snowga — a combination of snowshoeing and yoga. It’s taken off ever since then because you now can find snowga events at various places.

Winter might be cold, but it’s the best time to cuddle up with the love of your life. We hope these tips will help you consider having a romantic getaway in the winter.

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