Frankfurt, Germany is a perfect balance of old and new, providing visitors with the bustling energy of a modern city paired with the historic charm of this important European city. Frankfurt is the financial center of Europe, a major transportation hub, and an arts and culture hotspot. You will never be bored when strolling this historic city with its unique architecture, quaint cafes and beer halls, and sprawling markets. Before you take off on your Frankfurt travel adventure, be sure to consider adding these attractions to your ultimate bucket list.

Visit the Main Tower

As the fourth tallest building in Germany, you will enjoy an amazing view of the city from the top of Frankfurt’s Main Tower. The building is distinguished as being the first high-rise in Europe made of glass. Soaring 200 meters into the air, you will be treated to sweeping panoramas from your spot on the rooftop observation deck. On a clear day, you may even catch a glimpse of the hills in Taunus and Vogelsberg. There is even a restaurant at the top if you want to make this an extra special travel experience.

Shop at the Christmas Markets in Old Town

One of the biggest draws of Germany is its iconic Christmas markets. The Old Town area comes alive when these markets open at the end of November for the season. This historic market has been in business since 1393, now attracting more than three million visitors per year. Visitors will enjoy over 200 stalls of vendors selling gifts and food items. Be sure to indulge in authentic mulled wine, roasted chestnuts, aromatic gingerbread, and more as you listen to traditional Christmas music performed by carolers in this magical setting.

Long Night at the Museums

Frankfurt has built a strong reputation for its vast collection of museums, appealing to a variety of tastes. One of the best ways to check out these venues is to participate in the famous Night at the Museums. This event encourages museums to stay open late at night to motivate new audiences to visit the venues to check out the exhibits. Visitors are also provided with complimentary public transportation to make the touring more convenient. This is a great way to get a taste of the museums of Frankfurt in a festive atmosphere.

Go to Palmengarten

Escape the hustle and bustle of Frankfurt with a trip to the serene and beautiful Palmengarten. This botanical garden oasis is situated in the middle of the city, making it a convenient stop when you want to immerse yourself in a natural setting. The garden encompasses over 50 acres, boasting a variety of trees, ferns, rose bushes, water features, and orchids. Palmengarten is a delight during every season, however, it truly shines during the spring and summer months when the temperature warms up and provides a more pleasant visiting experience.

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Head Over to the Old Opera House

Originally opened in 1880, the Old Opera House was once the center of the performing arts scene in Europe. The opera house sustained extensive damage during World War II, forcing its closure. The iconic opera house finally reopened in 1981, restored to its original Renaissance brilliance. Known as the Alte Oper by locals, this complex is now home to some of the city’s most impressive live performances, including classic opera events and modern productions by today’s hottest acts. The opera house also offers a comfortable cafe for your dining pleasure.

Day Trip down the Rhine Valley

Frankfurt may be famous as a big city, but the nearby Rhine Valley also brings in lots of tourism on cheap round trip flights (especially the part that’s a UNESCO world heritage site). You can explore picturesque vineyards and villages with views of German splendor and then top off the experience by taking a boat tour down the Rhine river.

Check Out (And Maybe Even Check-In) Hotel Hessischer Hof

There are numerous hotels to choose from for your stay in Frankfurt, but if you want to go for the grandest experience then you really can’t go wrong with the Hotel Hessischer Hof. This outstanding 5-star hotel is not only within walking distance to many Frankfurt attractions, but it’s also furnished with the actual personal collections of the Royal Hesse family. So even if you have no plans to check-in as a guest, it’s a place worth stopping by to check out the decorum.

Hike the Rheinsteig

You’ll need your hiking boots if you want to go beyond Frankfurt’s borders and head out onto the Rheinsteig. This famous hiking trail takes you along the elevated bank of the Rhine River through woodlands, up challenging peaks, and to breathtaking views (you’ll literary be out of breath!).

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