There’s plenty to see and do in Anchorage throughout the year — particularly in the summer. Summer in Anchorage is a special time; this vibrant and dynamic city comes into its own and shows visitors what it really has to offer, and it can all be easily accessed with the abundance of cheap flight deals available online.

If you’re looking for things to do in Anchorage, look no further! We’ve got the rundown on the best things to do in Anchorage this summer to ensure a memorable visit for everyone.

Bicycle Tours

man with bike in mountain landscape in alaska

When the weather gets warm in Anchorage, you’ll see tons of people heading out on bikes. Bicycling is a great way to fully experience the beauty that Anchorage has to offer. There are plenty of places to rent a bicycle to explore the area, but we suggest trying out a bicycle tour. Expert guides can show you the ins and outs of Anchorage depending on your particular interests. You can go on a tasting tour of local restaurants and bars, or get in touch with the wild side of Anchorage in some breathtaking bicycle tours through the wilderness. Whatever side of Anchorage you want to experience, a bicycle tour is a great way to do it!

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Visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Bisons, buffalos, Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, Alaska, USAFor nature lovers, summer is the ideal time to visit Anchorage — and there are plenty of cheap flight deals that make it a fast and easy trip. When you arrive in Anchorage, make it a point to head to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. This gorgeous preserve is home to twelve separate endangered species, and you can take tours with nature experts that will provide you with fascinating information about each and every single one. There are also tours that give you unparalleled views of the stunning glaciers throughout Anchorage, so do some research and find the tour that’s perfect for you and your family!

Celebrate the Summer Solstice

Colorful Sunset at Summer Solstice over the Small Boat Harbor in Homer Alaska in June

Anchorage takes the Summer Solstice seriously, celebrating the longest day of the year with some seriously fun parties and events. Choose from an assortment of cheap flight deals out to Anchorage in time to get in on all the entertainment! There are plenty of free festivals to choose from, and no end to the activities they have to offer. Sample delicious local cuisines, enjoy live music and entertainment and let the kids get in on a variety of different fun games. It’s a great way to embrace the summer season, and a day everyone is sure to remember for a very long time.

Catch Dinner – Literally

A fly fisher holds a beautiful rainbow trout in Alaska

Fishing fans will adore visiting Anchorage in the summer, with plenty of prime spots scattered throughout the area. Urban angling is a popular hobby, allowing you to catch prize-worthy fish without straying far from your lodgings. Whether you’re interested in landing salmon, trout, or char, there’s sure to be a spot for you. And for those who want to make fishing the prime focus of their trip, Anchorage is the place to be. There are all-day fishing trips throughout Anchorage that will let you while away the hours and focus on catching a fish that’s really worth bragging about.

Go Flightseeing

Seaplane or float plane in Alaska. The plane has landed under stormy skies near a glacier.

For those who don’t have a fear of heights, flightseeing is one of the many fun and fantastic things to do in Anchorage. You can get a fascinating look at places you could never normally reach by foot, providing you with an insider’s look at what Alaska really has to offer. There are tours devoted to bear watching, giving you a chance to experience the savage beauty of the Alaskan wilderness. Or you can take a look at the awe-inspiring glaciers that have to be seen to be truly believed. Flightseeing is a fun and exciting way to see another side of Anchorage and will leave you with a deeper appreciation of what this vibrant part of Alaska really has to offer visitors.

If you want to visit this one-of-a-kind city, then you’ll have plenty to keep you occupied. So what are you waiting for? You better start looking for cheap flight deals, and get ready for an Alaskan adventure that you won’t forget in a hurry!

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