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 Amsterdam Canals: Herengracht & Brouwersgracht


Cheap flights to Amsterdam during any time of the year will ensure a great trip. Whether you visit in the winter time for the Christmas Canal Parade or in the summertime to enjoy biking around Vondelpark, there is always something pleasant to do. 2013 is a special year for Amsterdam, which is celebrating many milestones like 400 years of the Canal Ring. Leave it to the Dutch who know how to celebrate, and will celebrating this and many other anniversaries all year ‘round.

The Observatorium: April

In The Netherlands, you often find yourself looking up only to see if it is raining, but luckily, you’ll get a chance to look up for a more mystical site. In April 2013, Felix Meritis celebrates 225 years. This is not a person, but an institution that translates to “Happy through Merit” This building in Amsterdam is the center for art, culture and science. To celebrate Amsterdam in 2013, the Observatorium will be accessible to the public after 200 years, featuring an exhibit called “Amsterdam from Above, Amsterdam from Below.”

Reopening of the Van Gogh Museum: May

One of the most renowned Dutch artists to emerge from The Netherlands was Vincent van Gogh. His work is enjoyed all over the world, but the permanent collection at the Reopening of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is most profound. After an extensive rehabilitation, the museum will reopen its doors in its original location for 2013. This is such a grand celebration after welcoming its millionth visitor to the museum just a few months ago.

Amsterdam Gay Pride: August

Every year, Amsterdam throws one of the biggest and most unique gay pride parades. Since 1996, boats filled with floats and colorful characters parade down the canals in Amsterdam. Since this is the 400th anniversary of the canals, we imagine the celebration will be even bigger. Amsterdam is an extremely tolerant place, encouraging the liberal minded to come and celebrate this grand parade.

Amsterdam Light Festival: December

All good things must come to an end, including the grand celebration for Amsterdam in 2013. This light show on the canals will include illuminating bridges, walking paths and boats on the water. It will put you in the Christmas spirit, and more importantly, a celebratory spirit to enjoy Amsterdam!

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photo: davaodude

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