Turn Off The Lights Saturday March 27, 2010 at 8:30pm


Don't be alarmed this Saturday night if the lights suddenly go out. Chances are someone around you is just participating in Earth Hour.


Started by the World Wildlife Fund, Earth Hour is a global environment awareness event aimed to spotlight climate change for lack of a better word.


Around the globe people will be flipping off their lamps, computers, televisions and various other electronic items for one full hour. 


The Las Vegas strip, Bangkok's Grand Palace, the London Eye, Taipei 101, Toronto's CN Tower, San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and New York City's Empire State Building are among a growing list of iconic landmarks participating in Earth Hour.


Lights around the world will go off at 8:30pm local time. In 2009, an estimated 80 million Americans participated in Earth Hour. 


Source: My Earth Hour

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  1. ella

    Interesting story. I’ve never even heard of earth hour. I’ll do my best to participate,although it may be tough.


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