The Seven Deadly Sins in New York, Flickr: Paul Lowry
Enjoy Some Envy at Saks



Nothing screams decadence quite like New York City. If you’re heading to one of the most amazing cities in the world, you really need to do it right. And, what better approach is there than the seven deadly sins? From greed to envy to lust, New York City has everything you could want – and there are so many choices for each sin!

Here are seven steps to a truly scandalous New York City vacation:

Greed: this is the home of the global financial crisis, there’s greed everywhere! Head down to Wall Street, and make sure you stop by the statue of the bull, a few blocks down Broadway from its intersection with Wall Street. While you’re at it, check out some interesting tours of New York’s financial district.

Pride: pride comes with consuming the best of New York, right? So, head over to Death & Company – you’ll be proud if you can even get in! Once there, order the drink “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” identified as one of the 10 best winter cocktails in the city by Time Out New York. It’s made with 23-year-old Ron Zacapa rum, which pretty much says it all!

Sloth: don’t walk. Don’t take the subway or a cab. Head up to Central Park and get one of the pedicab drivers to pedal you around for a while. New York City may be a place for walking, but when your feet get tired, there’s nothing wrong with letting someone else do all the work for you!

Envy: stroll up and down Fifth Avenue. Duck into the likes of Henri Bendel and Saks. Look around, and salivate over the salient luxury only inches from you. You’ll feel jealous of those who walk out with armfuls of bags … and that’s the point of envy, isn’t it?

Gluttony: get yourself an incredible steak at one of New York City’s most storied chophouses. Visit Sparks Steak House, and get an “extra thick veal chop.” It really is; I assure you. Oh, and order dessert, even if you haven’t left room for it.

Lust: this can be tricky, unless you’re traveling alone or with friends. If you are unattached, New York City never sleeps! Head down to the Lower East Side for a bar crawl that ends somewhere around 4 a.m. You’ll meet plenty of people who will get you charged up. Is this a romantic getaway? If so, there’s a different way for you to go: pick up a bottle of champagne from Astor Wines & Spirits , chill it on ice in your hotel room … and the rest is up to you.

while I don’t encourage showing your wrath, you can see it in others by walking four abreast on the sidewalks!


Photo: Paul Lowry

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