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Montreal might not be Vegas, but it does have Sin City appeal


Montreal is known as a bit of Europe in North America for a reason. The art, architecture, and language are all something you’d expect to find an ocean away, and the city’s cosmopolitan vibe is virtually unmatched on this side of the Atlantic.

It’s hardly surprising; therefore, that Montreal is a big bastion of sin just waiting for the right traveler to visit! Get your cheap tickets to Montreal now and prepare to indulge in the seven deadly sins in a way only Montreal can deliver:

1. Greed: You need to find a place to live like the elite, and there’s exactly one spot where you can do this in total style: La Casa del Habano. Indulge in the decadence of a Cuban cigar, unavailable back home below the border, and sip a glass of port between puffs. It will cost you a fair amount of cash, but the feeling is unparalleled.

2. Pride: Speak French. Seriously. The locals are proud of their linguistic difference on this continent, and you need to try in order to at least participate in the full experience. Did you take a little French in high school? Dust it off, and give it a try. Don’t know any? Learn a few phrases before you go.

3. Sloth: Being lazy is one thing – being lazy while watching the strenuous activity of others is even better. While you’re in Montreal, you can do this in style by taking in a show by Les Sept Doigts de la Main. Think of this performance group as Cirque du Soleil with an incredibly dark side. The group tours a lot, so you need to make sure they’ll have something in Montreal when you show up. The acrobatics are worth this effort to be lazy (I speak from experience, having seen “La Vie” in Montreal in 2009 and “Traces” here in New York last year).

4. Envy: Skip the typical luxury shopping spots that you can find in any major city in the world – Montreal has something far better to make you green with jealousy: art. Go to St-Paul Ouest, where you’ll find the city’s many small art galleries, packed with local artists. My favorite is Atelier Art Bressan – Pauline Bressan is fantastic. Her English isn’t what you’ll find in other parts of the city (giving you the chance to indulge in #2, above), but it’s worth the communication challenge to behold her fantastic work. Make sure you ask to take a peek in the basement!

5. Gluttony: There are just so many ways to fill your stomach to the point of bursting in Montreal It can be so hard to choose … so don’t bother. After all, we’re talking about gluttony! You’ll definitely want to chomp on some poutine, the local fries-and-gravy dish, and smoked meat is a must. Top it off with a decadent dinner at La Queue de Cheval, and you’ll feel like you’ll have to roll back to your hotel room.

6. Lust: Montreal does have a seedy side, and you can find it in the area around St-Denis. This is a great neighborhood for bachelor parties and other guys-only fun. Nothing else about this needs to be said.

7. Wrath: This is a tough one in Montreal. The locals are incredibly friendly, and you’ll have to really struggle to get angry. You can’t even fake it.

CC Flickr phto credit: Jim Trodel


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