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Monaco is a tiny city-state that barely shows up on even the largest maps. That said, it’s famous for the absolute decadence that resides within its borders. If you’re looking to live the seven deadly sins for a few days, Monaco is definitely the place to do it. Start your trip with some cheap tickets to Nice, which is nearby, and then let yourself go absolutely crazy. Here’s how to do it:
Greed: This is the place for it: Monaco is the home of European decadence. Take a stroll through the harbor, and by the third or fourth yacht, you’ll realize this is no place for the poor. So, how can you join the elite? Try your luck at the roulette tables! Maybe you’ll hit a streak and walk away positively wealthy without even having had to work for it!
Pride: Try to see if you can win a medal. Seriously. The Prince of Monaco offers a new one every year, and I just can’t wrap my head around what it takes to earn one. It’s a tiny microstate, after all, and I sincerely doubt that acts of valor occur with any regularity.
Sloth: Go to the beach, which is a bit freer than you’ll see in the United States. You’ll have to rent a chair, as there are round stones on the ground instead of sand. Pay the fee: it’s worth the money. Then, lounge around and watch the Mediterranean. Do nothing, and bask in it!
Envy: While you can drool simply by walking into a shop you could never afford, it’s just as easy to torture yourself standing out on the street. Wait for one luxury car after another to drive by, especially outside the casinos in the evening. And, you can make it even harder on yourself by watching the fabulous step out of these vehicles, en route to savoring a life that few in the world can even comprehend.
Gluttony: There are plenty of amazing restaurants in Monaco, but to go truly upscale, hire a limo, and have it take you a few towns over to Eze. At Chevre d’Or, you’ll sit down to an incredible culinary experience, which you can punctuate with a dessert covered in gold. How many sins can you wrap into one meal?
Lust: Amsterdam has its red light district, where all the debauchery is relatively contained. In Monaco, there is no one-stop shopping. If this is the sort of fun you’re looking for, you can probably find some at the casino bars. If you’re on the prowl for some lust that’s a little more wholesome, scrounge around for a tourist who’s looking to live “a different life” while away from home.
Wrath: It’s pretty hard to get into trouble in Monaco, unless you wind up borrowing foolishly to finance your horrible luck at the tables. If you really want to incur the country’s wrath however, get caught taking photos of the throne room. They’re pretty intense about that.
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photo: alternateparadise

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