The Seven Deadly Sins in Luxembourgh



Your trip to Luxembourg can start with cheap tickets to Paris or Brussels and then a short train or bus ride. Once you get to this tiny country, here’s how to hit it in style:

Greed: Start by shafting the locals out of what they deserve. When you travel by bus in Luxembourg, the driver doesn’t check your ticket. So, you can get right on without paying a dime. You will face stiff penalties if you get caught by spot-checkers, but this is your chance to live on the edge. (And no, I’m not encouraging you to break the law.)

Pride: Since Luxembourg doesn’t have a national sport, you’ll be hard pressed to throw on a jersey and join in the cheers for the home team. The country does have two prominent cyclists, though, so maybe the best move is to throw on a yellow jersey – after all, they’ve biked in the Tour de France.

Sloth: Head over to the square near Rue Dicks (stop laughing), and sit at an outdoor café. Order a bottle of wine. Order another one. Maybe eat a little cheese. Watch the people walk by. Repeat. You’re doing absolutely nothing, and it feels perfect.

Envy: The city is on a hill, with residential neighborhoods in the valley below. Take some time to head down the mountain and enjoy the small, classically European villages. Think about how much it would cost to own one of these charming, beautiful homes. Drool. Drool some more. Feel yourself turning green. There you go: envy has set in fully (it sure did for me).

Gluttony: Compared to nearby Belgium and Netherlands, the food in Luxembourg is nothing short of incredible. This is your chance to get fat, dumb and happy in the Benelux region! Pick any bistro downtown, order a bottle of the local wine and munch until you burst.

Lust: For these urges, it’s best to leave Luxembourg. Hop on a train for Brussels, over in Belgium. There’s a red light district not too far from the main train station (walking distance). It’s like a less-trafficked version of the more famous sin district in Amsterdam, with store fronts and windows.

Wrath: Incur the wrath of the locals by making fun of them for their small country. Luxembourg occupies a mere 998.6 square miles. To put that in perspective, New York City is almost half the size, at 468.5 square miles.

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