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The Seven Deadly Sins in Boston, Flickr: BostonPhotoSphere

The Boston Public Garden


There are many ways to see Boston. While you can do it at bargain prices or shrouded in luxury, the best way to visit one of America’s oldest city’s is to make it your own. It’s easy to indulge in each of the seven deadly sins in Boston, even though the bars close at 1 a.m. Once you get your cheap tickets to Boston, follow these seven steps for a truly decadent Boston vacation:

Greed: This sin is a bit different in Boston than in New York. Anchor your trip with the city’s archetypal luxury hotel, the Four Seasons Boston. In addition to an incredible upscale experience, you’ll be centrally located: the entire city is right at your fingertips!

Pride: There’s only one place to go: Fenway Park. Make sure you book a tour of the famous ballpark. It’s a bit different now, since the “curse” has been reversed, but you’ll still find yourself in one of America’s true sports landmarks.

Sloth: The best place to get lazy, weather-permitting is the Boston Public Garden. Spread a blanket out on the grass, soak up the spring sun and move your body as little as possible. Let the people around you move rapidly – Boston’s residents and employees are among the fastest in the country – it will only reinforce the aspects of this particular sin you’re enjoying.

Envy: Take a walk up Newbury Street, and you won’t be disappointed! Poke your head into a few of the galleries, and wonder what it would be like to drop a cool $10,000 (or much, much more) on a single objet d’art. Be sure to look around so you can see exactly who you’re jealous of.

Gluttony: There’s only one place to go: Grill 23. Visit this storied steakhouse, two decades old, for an incredible cut of meat with unparalleled ambience. Be sure to taste Grill 23’s signature gremolata fries (incredible!).

Lust: Boston has one of the highest concentrations of college students in the world … and that includes college girls! Yes, and young men for the ladies. Instead of hitting the clubs in Boston itself, though, head over to The Middle East at Central Square in Cambridge (take the Red Line). It’s situated right between Harvard and MIT, and it draws action from all over the city. You’ll be busy.

Wrath: Nobody thought it would happen, but this year, infamous Boston organized crime figure James “Whitey” Bulger was apprehended by the FBI.  And, it didn’t take long for a tour to spring up. Check out the hot spots of Boston organized crime – it’s a lot more interesting than the Freedom Trail.


Photo: bostonphotosphere

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