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The Seven Deadly Sins in Amsterdam, Flickr: acebal

Tap into Some Sloth


Tourists are banned from Amsterdam’s “coffee shops” (marijuana establishments), but that doesn’t mean Amsterdam is no longer a great destination for sin! You can still get into plenty of trouble in this cool European city. Get started by booking your cheap tickets to Amsterdam now … and let the party begin!

Greed: If you want to mix greed with crime, steal a trip on the train from the airport. You have to buy a ticket, but nobody collects them. Instead, there are spot checks. It’s easy not to get caught, and you can line your pockets with free rides to and from Schipol Airport.

Pride: Drink the local beer. It’s a good reason for Amsterdam to be proud, and since you can’t get high there these days, you might as well get drunk instead. The corner bars are the best in the city (rather than hotel bars or big clubs). You’ll have no trouble getting a seat, and you’ll even save a few bucks.

Sloth: Take a ride through the canals. Let someone else do the hard work for you. And when your canal tour is finish, just lie on the dock in front of the Hotel de l’Europe, along with many of the locals. Like the water below, you’ll see the time just slip by.

Envy: Instead of staying at the expensive Hotel de l’Europe, just visit for a drink. To really get jealous, though, cross over to the residential side of the building. You might be able to sneak into the lobby bathrooms, which is as close as you’ll get to the wealth resident in that establishment.

Gluttony: Fill your face with cheese in Amsterdam. The city does it well, and there is no shortage of cheese shops. Be sure to try the samples – there are plenty – and get some mustard to smear on each piece you munch. Get extra cheese to take home; you’ll want it later. For a little extra fun, pick up a bottle of absinthe to wash it down.

Lust: Well, Amsterdam is the city for lust. A stroll through the “red light district” will show you everything you need to see. Window shopping takes on an entirely new meaning here, as each storefront provides a view of the lust you can choose to enjoy … for a fee.

Wrath: The people of Amsterdam struck me as easygoing. The only way you can get on someone’s bad side is by standing in the middle of the bike lane when they are trying to pedal by. Needless to say, you will get much more than just dirty looks.

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photo: acebal

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